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Yellow Maize animal for sale, Maize animal feed for sale

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Yellow Maize: Maize For Animal Feed      

Yellow maize: is a variety of sweet corn. Its ears are wrapped in tightly bound lime-hued husks with silks and a tassel that extend out from the tip. Freshly harvested yellow corn at its peak ripeness is sweet, offering flavors of almond and sugar, the kernels so succulent, the skin pops as you bite into it. As the corn matures, the kernels lose their milky consistency giving way to a starchy and doughy consistency. At this point, the corn is considered a grain crop and is best suited for processing or feed stock. Offering in both dry and fresh form

1. Commodity: white maize
2. Moisture: 13% max
3. Protein: 9%
4. Purity: 98%
5. Broken: 2%
6. Aflatoxin: 10 ppb(human consumption)
7. Packing: 50 kg pp bag
Place of Origin: South Africa
Packing – 25 kg or 50 kg pp bag
Printing Bag – As per the buyer needs
Loading Capacity of the container – 20ft container (26 mt)
Loading Port – Tuticorin / Chennai / Krishnapatnam Port
Delivery Time – 15 to 20 Days
Payment terms – 30% Advance and 70% Scan Copy against the documents.
Quantity – Min Qty 100 MT – Max quantity As per the buyer requirements
Destination Port – Any Port as per the buyer requirements

we are ready, willing and able to sell/assign the described commodity as per the specifications and in the quantity and for the price as specified in terms and conditions as hereinafter set forth and conditions upon receiving the documents required for an immediate transaction, and signing a mutually agreeable sales and purchase agreement between the seller and buyer.

Yellow maize: for animal feed & starch available for sale.
Origin – South Africa.
Commodity : Yellow Maize.
Moisture : 14 %- 15%Max
Admixture : 1% Max
Heat Damage : 0.5% Max
Broken kernels : 1.0% Max
Total Damage : 3.5% Max
Foreign matter : 2% Max

Like most grain producing grasses, corn is an annual crop that must be replanted each year. Corn is far more productive than the most cereal crops and able to sustain a higher population than relatives like wheat or rice. As a commercial crop, corn is everywhere. It is one of the intensively genetically modified crops. Corn is also one of the most grown crops globally, with thousands of acres being dedicated around the world to the high intensity production of corn crops

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R95 per 25kg | R175 per 50kg | Contact Directly for Orders

R95 per 25kg, R175 per 50kg, Contact Directly for Orders