Turkey Chicks: Baby Turkeys

Turkey Chicks For Sale

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Turkey Chicks, baby Turkeys for sale with Turkey Chicks, one to three weeks olds. Pure Breeds at Deltra livestock company ltd, Quality 4H/FAA Turkey Hatchery offering quality Turkey & Broad Breasted Turkey Breeds for Sale


Turkey Chicks: Baby Turkeys for sale
Turkey Chicks, 1 to 3 week Olds
from R40 – R65.

Turkey chicks:
Deltra livestock is proud to offer pure breed as well as rare wild turkey poults. These birds are extremely hard to find in captivity. We have worked very diligently over the past 10 years to build what we think is some of the best genetics in our flock. We have built an established reputation with our birds and proud ourselves in providing unparalleled quality. Our expertise is strictly in Merriam’s at the moment. We raise our turkeys in separated pens on and off site. You can be 100% assured that you have no cross breeding.

Our flock is strictly feed Purina Feed along with Oyster Grit, bugs, worms and other vitamins to insure a healthy flock. Our coup is 100% covered, heated roosts, padded nests, lighted pens, automated 100 Micron filtered waterier and feeder to provide the upmost comfort to our turkeys. We believe a happy and healthy turkey lays the best quality eggs which in turn produce healthy poults.

Unlike the other Merriam’s Wild Turkey poults that you might see listed on various other sites, we can assure you our flock is NPIP, given the best feed/vitamins, received filtered water, and are nurtured in a coop that we proudly say creates the most pampered environment for our birds. People who visit the farm are amazed at the detail and the expense in creating such a Taj Mahal for our turkeys – but we are proud of our birds and want our customers to receive the highest quality bird available.

NOTE: Unlike some farms, hobbyist, breeders; we are certified for M. Gallisepticum, M. Synoviae, H5/H7 AI, in addition to Pullorum Typhoid. These stringent test require 4 visits per year to our farm and assures our flock is in great health!