Pure breed Dairy Cattle !! Holsteins Friesian and Jersey calves

Dairy, Holsteins Friesian and Jersey Calves, Angus calves for sale

R4,500 R4,000

Dairy, Dairy Cattles, Holsteins Friesian, Jersey calves for sale. jersey cows for sale in gauteng, dairy cows for sale olx, miniature cow,


Pure breed Dairy CattleDairy, Dairy cattles!! Holsteins Friesian and Jersey calves for sale.

Pure breed Dairy Cattle; We are able to supply best quality calves, pregnant heifers aged 24 to 30 months in Holsteins and Jerseys breeds with high milking output.

Also, Beautiful cattles sure to make anyone happy! Good legs and udders . Open heifers, milk bottle fed calves, males and females ages

Hence, from 2 weeks to 15 months in Holsteins and Jersey breeds as well as other breeds. All our animals are vet checked, certified and all 100% healthy Holsteins Friesian and Jersey Calves for sale

Weaned Dairy Cattle:

Our modern Jersey breed is unexcelled in dairy type. Breeders in the United States commonly referred to two distinct types of Jerseys in the past

Aberdeen Angus Dairy Livestock Cattle

We are able to offer you the best quality of our Aberdeen Angus at a very competitive price.

Breed: Aberdeen Angus
Origin: Home grown
Age: 15 months old as of mid October
Est. Weight: Average 1,200 lbs.
Birth-Weight:72 lbs.
Frame: Medium
Condition: Moderate Flesh
Vaccinations: Ivomec, MultiMin, & 8-Way
Fertility: Will Guarantee Fertile
Pasture/Feed: Beef Builder, hay, & pasture

R4000 minimum

We, In recent years there has been less concern about these type variations; no doubt the program of type classification has tended to reduce the extremes. Additional emphasis on milk production and less stress on butterfat production had, no doubt, resulted in general acceptance of Jersey cows with more size and scale