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Nubian goats, really gorgeous Nubian X La Mancha, Purebred La Mancha weaned doelings available as well as an American Nubian, Nubian goats


Nubian goats For Sale;

Firstly, We have a number of really gorgeous Nubian X La Mancha and Purebred La Mancha weaned doelings available as well as an American Nubian Livestock

Also, Purebred La Mancha breeding bucklings. Reserving breeding stock from the 2018-2019 Season. All of our goats are in excellent health perfect to buy nubian goats.

Our entire nubian buck herd is tested annually:

for CAE and every other year for Johnes and CL (everyone is NEGATIVE for these diseases). We require a deposit of per head to hold the reservation. If you’d like to make a reservation through our website, please click here. If you are taking the goats out of state or importing, you may need a health certificate. Please give us at least 3-4 days notice if this the case. We have scrappie tags available as well. Our prices do not include animal transportation costs, usually we arrange transportation as per customer’s requirement.

Nubian goats, We have been raising dairy goats since 2004. Our herd has been certified “Animal Welfare Approved” since 2010, the gold standard in pasture based livestock production certification programs. Over the years, we have made significant improvements in the genetics of our herd, focusing on overall soundness and solid conformation, along with high milk components (butterfat and protein) and longevity. Several of our sold doelings have placed in the tops of their classes at county and state fairs throughout the years. Our breeding goals for the herd are to improve overall conformation and health, longevity, duration of lactation and milk components.

All of our does and bucks are registered through the American Dairy Goat Association or ADGA or in South Africa depending on where we are shipping from, and we will complete the paperwork for you so you can register their offspring, should you choose. Feel free to contact us for clarity of your order and the total quantity required as per the order.

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