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Pure Breed Merino Sheep for sale;

Firstly, Grazing quality is our main target because grazing is central to Merino sheep core business of farming Merino sheep for slaughter lambs

Secondly, wool production is observe veld pastures closely, moni toring the quality of the grazing while als preventing overgrazing.

Pure Breeding at Deltra Livestock Co,Ltd;

Also is passionate about the pastures on the farm and believes there is a direct correlation between the health. of the soil and plants, and the health and quality of the sheep.

Our farm administrators report;

says this when we first started farming on irrigated pasture, we began to appreciate the importance of looking after soil biology.

Merino sheep with regards to production focuses primarily on livestock production, including the accelerated lambing system.

Two separate breeding systems are used. In the first, which is used for the majority of ewes in both the commercial and stud flocks, ewes are mated on a 12-month cycle with each ewe lambs once a year.

How Breed Merino sheep for sale;

More so, About two-thirds of ewes are mated in April/May and lamb in spring August to September, and one-third is mated in October to November to lamb.

Thus, the second system is the accelerated lambing system in which ewes are mated every eight months, or three times in two years.

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