Kalahari Red Goats

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Kalahari Red breed,Our farm now offers rugular supply of.Kalahari Red, breed has a fine head, lob ears, round horns that are bent backwards, and tender meat.
Kalahari Red, is a lob-eared goat bred for its lean and tender meat
Age at first breeding: six months;
100-day weaning weight of ram kids: 25kg;
100-day weaning weight of ewe kids: 21kg;
Mature weight ewes: 75kg. The meat is tender, tasty and low fat at a young age. The quality of the skin is excellent, a value-added trait.
Kalahari Red, is a red medium- to large-framed lob-eared meat goat. It has a fine head, round horns bent backwards, and a loose, supple skin with folds (prominent in rams).

These ewe are feminine, wedging slightly to the front. The ram is heavier in the head, neck and forequarters.

The ideal is a brown goat with colour shadings that range from light brown to dark brown. It has a well-pigmented, smooth, short hair coat.

These Kalahari Red is among the best meat goat breeds

Kalahari Red Boer goat’s natural breeding cycle is late summer and autumn. Young ewes have a shorter season of receptivity than the older ewes. “For this reason we use two breeding seasons,” explains Zelda. “The season for mature ewes is from October to November when 100 ewes are run with a mature ram. The mating season for young ewes is between February and May at a ratio of one young ram to 10 young ewes. Young ewes selected for stud breeding are put with the rams when the ewes are at 40kg. “Most ewes lamb every eight to nine months.

The aspiration to register a separate breed was an important driving force. DNA tests were conducted to determine whether there was sufficient genetic separation between the Boer goats, Savannahs and Kalahari Reds.

The results of all the tests showed that the difference between the red goats and the Boer goats was greater than between the Boer goats and the Savannahs.

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