Ox Gallstones 80/20 Cow/Ox/Cattle Gallstones For Sale

Premium Grade A Ox cow Gallstones for sale

R160 R150

Ox Gallstones: We follow the most advanced global standards in quality. Their slaughterhouses (strategically located for distribution, much like their farms, incubators, and feed factories amongst others) are permanently in the process of expansion and qualification of their processes.


Ox Gallstones: We follow  most advance global standards in quality.  slaugh ter houses; stra te gi ca lly loca ted for distri bution, much like their farms, incuba tors,

Also feed fact ories amongst others are per ma nen tly in the process of expan sion

Hence. quali fic ation of their pro ce sses.

Premium Grade Ox Gall stones / Cattle Gallstones Cheap Sales
US $8-20 / Gram
50 Grams (Min. Order)

Hence, Ox Gallstones Specifications

Origins:: Zim babwe | South Africa

First Grade Ox & Cow Gallstones – 100% whole stones

Second Grade Ox Gall stones – 90% whole stones / 10% broken

Third type of Ox Gall stones – 80% whole stones / 20% broken

Mod erate rate Ox Gall stones – 70% whole stones / 30% broken

Quality Ox Gall stones – 60% whole stones / 40% broken

Premium Ox Galls tone – 100% broken stones

Best grade Ox gall powder – 100% powder

A Grade Cows Gall stones

Ox Gallstones

Cattle Gall stones

Pac kaging: 2.5 kg |5 kg | 10 kg | 12.5 kg |25 kg Kraft or poly pro pylene bag

Certification: HACCP | BRC | KOSHER|HALAL

First World OX and Cow Gallstones Supplier

We offer a large quantity of OX and Cow Galls tones products.

Our starch products are sourced from major pro duction regions in the world.

Worldwide shipped to any port, air port and road, fast, secure and timely delivery.

We deliver in quan tities that suit your busi ness, from a single pallet to a full conta iner load (FCL)

Ox Gallstones 80/20 Cow/ox/cattle Gallstones for sale

we are suppliers of high quality cow/ox gall stones.

we have for immediate import well dried, raw natural ox gall stones from disease free cows. spe ci fi cation;

Type: Ox Gallstones
Color: Mix
Packaging: Custom
Place of Origins: South Africa and Tanzania
Packaging Details: As per buyers request
Delivery Detail: 10-15 Days

Highest demand is for stones with the following features:

yellow golden orange color;

stones with low specific weight;

large stones;

bilirubin content not less than 35%;


Besides, ox gallstones for sale are traded in the following specifications:

100% whole stones

90% whole stones / 10% broken

80% whole stones / 20% broken

70% whole stones / 30% broken

60% whole stones / 40% broken

100% broken stones

100% ox gall powder

Lastly our stones have to have a natu ral smell of healthy, BSE free cattle. Liver stones, kidney stones, piping, moldy stones, blood stones,

Plus, cholesterol stones and stones descending from other animals respectively are separated.