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Day Old Chicks For Sale

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Day Old Chicks For Sale | Broiler Chicks | Deltra Livestock
Day Old Chicks , day old broiler chicks, Day Old chicks wholesale, Our Supply varies in size from 100 to 600 000 Day old broiler chicks per client, per week with a total production output of 2 400 000 day old chicks per week.


Day Old Broiler Chicks For Sale:

Here; Deltra Livestock Supplying high quality day old broiler chicksChicken equip ment, vac cin ations, medi cations, cleaning, dis infec tant pro ducts to small, medium, deve loping farmer for Day Old Chicks For Sale

Day Old Chicks Vision Statement;

First To become the preferred day old chick supplier to our core custo mer base, and through this process.

Holders in Deltra Livestock Hatchery;

Also, we create value for all our stake holders in Deltra Livestock Hatchery.

Mission Statement
To add value to our key customers business through excellence and service.

Healthy Day Old Chicks Key Aspects;

Superior chick quality, Consi stent qualit y supply and deli very
Employ ment equity
Profi table and sustai nable growth
Deve lop ment of staff
Conser vation of the envi ron ment

We can supply chicken, Ostrich Chick, Live Ostrich birds, Ostrich Eggs, Fertile eggs, day old chicks, Chicken table eggs,

Also include Chicken fertile eggs, Frozen chicken

Delivery of first Grade Chicks;

can be arrange at an additional fee, if the delivery address falls within our delivery areas.

Hence, No second Grade Chicks will be delivered.  Kindly contact us to confirm delivery fees.

Lastly All prices are VAT inclusive, unless stated otherwise. More,  Note that we do not deliver any second Grade chicks.

Also, Broiler hatching eggs Cobb 500 and Ross 308; carton/360 eggs, weight 53-63gr, hatch ability is 85 percent plus,

So, our flocks age ranges from 31 to 52 wk

All eggs are from flocks which do not come into contact with herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals

We are a trading company and we supply hathcing eggs and table eggs  of grade A quality form our  producer in South Africa

we supply to all parts of the world within 3 days , after other confirmation.