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Afrino sheep, our Afrino Sheep, Ewe availability varies. See Sheep For Sale below. Every Afrino Sheep at our stud is vaccinated for four weeks of age and all have current 5 in 1 vaccination status. All our sheep Breeding has been carefully planned to avoid deleterious inbreeding. The current breeding program for this breed is based on the principle that mating must not take place between animals with a common ancestor within the last 4 generations. In order to adhere to the breeding program it has not been possible to retain the strains which originally existed and the mating is planned individually. Afrino Sheep Research into ancestry and the checking of relationships are now computerized. Search key words Afrino sheep, Weaned Afrino sheep, Afrino sheep, Weaned Afrino sheep.

We focus on the sheep and goats that migrated down through Africa with their herders, eventually reaching Southern Africa including other markets. We will also discuss the influence of other imported breeds we had on our indigenous livestock. This is based upon evidence found at an archaeological site known as Deltra Farms Co,Ltd situated on the West Coast about 120 kilometres north of Cape Town and 4 kilometres from the sea.

We can now turn our attention to the third wave of sAfrino sheep into Southern Africa, productive and reproductive performance of, as well as income generated by Afrino, Dorper and Merino sheep at two localities in the Nothern Cape, South Africa. our Afrino breed is originally from South Africa. we developed these breed by crossing Ronderib Afrikaner sheep with Merino and South African Mutton Merino sheep, classified as a Merino breed.

Conclusively, our farm provide different sizes of this sheep. All customers are advised to contact us in the course of placing orders so that proper negotiations regarding the delivery date can be fix. World champion Afrino believes in strict selection, the best possible genetics, and top conformation and type.

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