About Us

About us, our farms with Deltra Livestock Co, Ltd:

Firstly, we offers beef cattle, goats, sheep, horses including other livestock in South Africa.

We are primarily a cow, calf operation, goats, sheep, chicken, fresh table eggs, animal feed, farm dogs as well as Ostriches.

Secondly, We also sell replacement heifers and source product to local farmers, restaurants in South Africa and internationally as well.

Thirdly, We are a part of a new generation of South African farmers and agreed to open up about life and profession all year round in South Africa..

Our Key Services Offered :

  • Safeguard range land ecosystem services, protect open space, …. Some of the most influential research on the ecological value
  • Produce Healthy Livestock
  • Satisfy our customers with maximum satisfaction
  • Packaging services
  • Animal feed
  • Livestock
  • livestock products

Our livestock for sale are exposed to thousand of strangers.

Also, Many of our livestock for sale have actually been exposed to thousand of people through many of Deltra Livestock co,Ltd other projects.

More so, Our task has actually been a big success, and numerous of our livestock for sale have ended up being completely socialized and delight in the company of people coming to animal and play with them.

Hence, Deltra Livestock has likewise teamed up with 2 local Louisiana veterinary service technician colleges, Kimberley, Springbok with other Community Colleges as well as universities, to assist handle and care for all of the animals at our farm.

All of our Farm animals from sheep, cattle, horses for sale, farm dogs, Feed, poultry farm, goats consisted of, get the extra attention they need from trained specialists

to help preserve a fanta stic living environment, exceptional health, appropriate diet, needed exercise, and much more.

If you’re considering a livestock or any of our products for sale for you or your family, rest assured that acquiring your order from Deltra Livestock will be a great option.

You will certainly get our livestock or feed that has been well mingled and cared for by our gifted veterinary staff.

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