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  • Ox Cow Cattle Gall stone export - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
    Ox Gallstones 80/20 Cow/Ox/Cattle Gallstones For Sale

    Ox Gallstones: We follow  most advance global standards in quality.  slaugh ter houses; stra te gi ca lly loca ted for distri bution, much like their farms, incuba tors,

    Also feed fact ories amongst others are per ma nen tly in the process of expan sion

    Hence. quali fic ation of their pro ce sses.

    Premium Grade Ox Gall stones / Cattle Gallstones Cheap Sales US $8-20 / Gram 50 Grams (Min. Order)

    Hence, Ox Gallstones Specifications

    Origins:: Zim babwe | South Africa First Grade Ox & Cow Gallstones – 100% whole stones Second Grade Ox Gall stones – 90% whole stones / 10% broken Third type of Ox Gall stones – 80% whole stones / 20% broken Mod erate rate Ox Gall stones – 70% whole stones / 30% broken Quality Ox Gall stones – 60% whole stones / 40% broken Premium Ox Galls tone – 100% broken stones Best grade Ox gall powder – 100% powder A Grade Cows Gall stones Ox Gallstones Cattle Gall stones Pac kaging: 2.5 kg |5 kg | 10 kg | 12.5 kg |25 kg Kraft or poly pro pylene bag Certification: HACCP | BRC | KOSHER|HALAL

    First World OX and Cow Gallstones Supplier

    We offer a large quantity of OX and Cow Galls tones products. Our starch products are sourced from major pro duction regions in the world. Worldwide shipped to any port, air port and road, fast, secure and timely delivery.

    We deliver in quan tities that suit your busi ness, from a single pallet to a full conta iner load (FCL)

    Ox Gallstones 80/20 Cow/ox/cattle Gallstones for sale we are suppliers of high quality cow/ox gall stones. we have for immediate import well dried, raw natural ox gall stones from disease free cows. spe ci fi cation; Type: Ox Gallstones Color: Mix Packaging: Custom Place of Origins: South Africa and Tanzania Packaging Details: As per buyers request Delivery Detail: 10-15 Days Highest demand is for stones with the following features: yellow golden orange color; stones with low specific weight; large stones; bilirubin content not less than 35%;   Besides, ox gallstones for sale are traded in the following specifications: 100% whole stones 90% whole stones / 10% broken 80% whole stones / 20% broken 70% whole stones / 30% broken 60% whole stones / 40% broken 100% broken stones 100% ox gall powder Lastly our stones have to have a natu ral smell of healthy, BSE free cattle. Liver stones, kidney stones, piping, moldy stones, blood stones, Plus, cholesterol stones and stones descending from other animals respectively are separated.



    • turkey chicks on sales - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
      Turkey Chicks: Baby Turkeys

      Turkey Chicks: Babies s for sale
      Also,Turk Chickenss, 1 to 3 week Olds from R50 – R65.

      Need Turkey chicks:
      Deltra livestock is proud to offer pure breed rare wild turkey poults as birds are extremely hard to find in captivity.

      Also, We have worked very diligently over the past 10 years to build what we think is some of the best genetics in our flock.

      So, we have built an established repu tation with our birds and proud our selves in pro viding unpa rallel quality.

      Thus, Our expertise is strictly in Merriam’s at the moment. We raise our turkeys in separated pens on and off site.

      Firstly you can be 100% assured that you have no cross breeding.

      Buy Day Old Tur key chicks in South Africa

      Secondly, our flock is strictly feed Purina Feed along with Oyster Grit, bugs, worms and other vitamins to insure a healthy flock.

      Hence Our coup is 100% covered, heates roosts, padded nests, lighted pens, automates 100 Micron filters waterier and feeder to provide the upmost comfort to our turkeys.

      We believe a happy and healthy poulet lays the best quality eggs which in turn produce healthy poults.

      Thirdly, Unlike the other Merriam’s Wild chicken poults that you might see listed on various other sites,

      Deltra livestock can assure you our flock, given the best feed/vitamins, receives filters water, and are nurtured in a coop.

      Also, we proudly say creates the most pampairs environment for our birds. People who visit the farm are amaze at the details.

      So, the expense in creating such a Taj Mahal for our turkeys but, we are proud of our birds and want our customers to receive the highest quality bird available.

      Finally, As hobbyist, breeders day old turkey chicks; we are certifiy for M. Gallisepticum, M. Synoviae, H5/H7 AI, in addition to Pullorum Typhoid.

      Concluding,These stringent test require 4 visits per year to our farm and assures our flock is in great health. We also have chicken feed for sale




      • Day Old Chicks where to buy  - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
        Day Old Broiler Chicks For Sale | Day Old Chicks

        Day Old Broiler Chicks For Sale:

        Here; Deltra Livestock Supplying high quality day old broiler chicksChicken equip ment, vac cin ations, medi cations, cleaning, dis infec tant pro ducts to small, medium, deve loping farmer for Day Old Chicks For Sale

        Day Old Chicks Vision Statement;

        First To become the preferred day old chick supplier to our core custo mer base, and through this process.

        Holders in Deltra Livestock Hatchery;

        Also, we create value for all our stake holders in Deltra Livestock Hatchery.

        Mission Statement
        To add value to our key customers business through excellence and service.

        Healthy Day Old Chicks Key Aspects;

        Superior chick quality, Consi stent qualit y supply and deli very
        Employ ment equity
        Profi table and sustai nable growth
        Deve lop ment of staff
        Conser vation of the envi ron ment

        We can supply chicken, Ostrich Chick, Live Ostrich birds, Ostrich Eggs, Fertile eggs, day old chicks, Chicken table eggs,

        Also include Chicken fertile eggs, Frozen chicken

        Delivery of first Grade Chicks;

        can be arrange at an additional fee, if the delivery address falls within our delivery areas.

        Hence, No second Grade Chicks will be delivered.  Kindly contact us to confirm delivery fees.

        Lastly All prices are VAT inclusive, unless stated otherwise. More,  Note that we do not deliver any second Grade chicks.

        Also, Broiler hatching eggs Cobb 500 and Ross 308; carton/360 eggs, weight 53-63gr, hatch ability is 85 percent plus,

        So, our flocks age ranges from 31 to 52 wk

        All eggs are from flocks which do not come into contact with herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals

        We are a trading company and we supply hathcing eggs and table eggs  of grade A quality form our  producer in South Africa

        we supply to all parts of the world within 3 days , after other confirmation.


        • red kalahari goats - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
          Kalahari Red Goats

          Kalahari Red Goats;

          Get Kalahari Red Goats, Kalahari Red breed around as our farms now offers rugu lar supply of.Kalahari Red, breed has a fine head, lob ears, round horns that are bent backwards, and tender meat.

          Firstly these Kalahari Red has lob-eared, goat bred for its lean and tender meat
          Age at first breeding: six months;
          100-day weaning weight of ram kids: 25kg;
          100-day weaning weight of ewe kids: 21kg;

          Secondly Mature weight;

          kalahari ewes range from 75kg. The meat is tender, tasty and low fat at a young age. The quality of the skin is excellent, a value-added trait.

          Quality Kalahari Red;

          Our Kalahari Red is a red medium to large frame lob eared meat goat. It has a fine head, round horns bent backwards, and a loose, supple skin with folds.

          These ewe are feminine, wedging slightly to the front. The ram is heavier in the head, neck and forequarters.

          The ideal is a brown goat with colour shadings that range from light brown to dark brown. It has a well-pigmented, smooth, short hair coat. pure breed kalahari goats

          These Kalahari Red is among the best meat goat breeds

          Kalahari Red Boer goat’s natural breeding cycle is late summer and autumn. Young ewes have a shorter season of receptivity than the older ewes. “For this reason we use two breeding seasons,” explains Zelda. “The season for mature ewes is from October to November when 100 ewes are run with a mature ram. Kalahari red goats for sale

          he mating season for young ewes is between February and May at a ratio of one young ram to 10 young ewes. Young ewes selected for stud breeding are put with the rams when the ewes are at 40kg. “Most ewes lamb every eight to nine months. Kalahari Red Goats

          The aspiration to register a separate breed was an important driving force. DNA tests were conducted to determine whether there was sufficient genetic separation between the Boer goats, Savannahs and Kalahari Reds.

          The results of all the tests showed that the difference between the red goats and the Boer goats was greater than between the Boer goats for sale and the Savannahs. All best livestock

          • nubian goat farm - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
            Nubian Goats

            Nubian goats For Sale;

            Firstly, We have a number of really gorgeous Nubian X La Mancha and Purebred La Mancha weaned doelings available as well as an American Nubian Livestock

            Also, Purebred La Mancha breeding bucklings. Reserving breeding stock from the 2018-2019 Season. All of our goats are in excellent health perfect to buy nubian goats.

            Our entire nubian buck herd is tested annually:

            for CAE and every other year for Johnes and CL (everyone is NEGATIVE for these diseases). We require a deposit of per head to hold the reservation. If you’d like to make a reservation through our website, please click here. If you are taking the goats out of state or importing, you may need a health certificate. Please give us at least 3-4 days notice if this the case. We have scrappie tags available as well. Our prices do not include animal transportation costs, usually we arrange transportation as per customer’s requirement.

            Nubian goats, We have been raising dairy goats since 2004. Our herd has been certified “Animal Welfare Approved” since 2010, the gold standard in pasture based livestock production certification programs. Over the years, we have made significant improvements in the genetics of our herd, focusing on overall soundness and solid conformation, along with high milk components (butterfat and protein) and longevity. Several of our sold doelings have placed in the tops of their classes at county and state fairs throughout the years. Our breeding goals for the herd are to improve overall conformation and health, longevity, duration of lactation and milk components.

            All of our does and bucks are registered through the American Dairy Goat Association or ADGA or in South Africa depending on where we are shipping from, and we will complete the paperwork for you so you can register their offspring, should you choose. Feel free to contact us for clarity of your order and the total quantity required as per the order.

            • Soyabean Meal animal feed - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
              Soyabean Meal Animal Feed / Poultry feed / Soybean Meal- 46% Grade A

              Soybean Meal animal feed For Sale:

              Firstly Soybean meal,   for Animal Feed / Poultry feed for sale

              Secondly Soybean meal:  is used in food and animal feeds, principally as a protein supplement, but also as a source of metabolize energy.

              Typically 1 bushel (i.e. 60 lbs. or 27.2 kg) of soybeans yields 48 lbs. (21.8 kg) of soybean meal. Some, but not all, soybean meal is produced from the residue left after oil extraction.


              Protein 46% min
              Fat 2%
              Moisture 10% max
              Ash 6%
              Acid insolubles 0.3% max
              Broken pellets and or meal acceptable Upto 80%
              TVBN 50mg/100 gms max
              Fiber 6% max
              Aflatoxin 20 ppb max
              Total count 5* 10^5 max
              Salmonella Absent in 25 gms
              Mould colong 5*10^5 max
              E.coli Absent in 0.1 gms

              Packaging and loading arrangements;

              Packing – 25Kg or 50 Kg pp bag
              Printing bag – As per the buyer needs
              Loading capacity of the container – 20ft container (26 Mt)
              Loading Port – Tuticorin / Chennai / Krishnapatnam Port
              Delivery Time – 15 to 20 days
              Payment terms – 100% Irrevocable Confirmed Documentary Letter of credit atsight from Top Prime bank. OR 30% Advance and 70% scan copy against the documents.
              Quantity – Min Qty 100MT – Max quantity As per the buyer requirements.
              Destination Port – Any Port as per the buyer requirements.

              We offer premium Quality of Services ,once you choose our Company to buy soybean meal we will guide you through out the buying process until your Ordered products reach you safely we will Monitor each and every action. We also offer after sales service.

              1. Inquiries will be replied within 12 hours.

              2. Dedication to quality, supply & service.

              3. We can offer GENERAL Brand as well as OEM

              4. Reasonable Prices and Competitive price .

              5. Fast Delivery.

              6. Sample is available for your evaluation .purpose

              7. We have strong cooperation with DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX.

              8. Provide information of your shipment in time

              9. Perfect product tracking system and service

              10.After-Sale Service.

              Soybean Meal: Quick Details

              Type: Soybean Meal
              Use: Cattle, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Horse, Pig
              Admixture (%): 1%
              Moisture (%): 10%
              Grade: Top grade
              Packaging: 50 kg/bag
              Place of Origin: Durban Sea Port, South Africa
              Brand Name: SPE
              Model Number: SPE 404
              Cultivation type: Organic
              Protein: 48% min
              Aflatoxin: 20 PPB

              Soybean Meal: Quality;

              Lastly soybean meal has been the foremost concern since the very beginning. All our products are subject to several rounds of examinations conducted by the experts. Our experts are armed with in depth knowledge of the products. Besides, we are also engaged in Research & Development activity for new product developments. feed for sheep

              • boran cattle  - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                Boran Cattle, Pure Boran Cattle For Sale, Weaned Calves

                Boran cattle for sale, Young Boran bulls for sale

                Boran cattle for sale, weaned calves close to Bloemfontein. All of them are Phase C or Phase D and SA Veldbull tested.Great for stud and commercial use.

                Also these Boran Cattle, on our farms here in South Africa has many Boran cattle breeding pairs here in South Africa.

                Pure Breed weaned Boran calves for sale,

                Hence, they are a breed of beef cattle for sale raised mainly for meat production. It is a Zebu breed which was developed from the native shorthorned Zebu cattle of Borana people of the southern Ethiopia

                We sell a limited number of Boran heifers for sale, cows and bulls out of hand off the farm throughout the year. Details of semen and embryos for sale are also available.


                beautiful boran heifer, price from R12000. Open heifer Pregnant And some 3 in 1

                Shipping livestock for sale 300x179 - Deltra Livestock Co,.LtdShipping livestock for sale south africa 300x176 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                Place of Origin:Africa
                Weight (kg):300

                Shipping & Delivery

                Shipped by air ,sea,road in special livestock containers


                boran cattle checkup 225x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.LtdPure breed heifer calves for sale boran cattle farm 300x168 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                Boran cattle, for us our’s is a medium-sized breed which originally come from East Africa and is mostly seen in the Kenya´s semi-arid counties. Our farm produces these breeds of Boran breed developed after the introduction of Bos Indicus cattle to Africa after the Arab invasion.

                Our farm is regularly offering Boran Cattle For Sale including bulls with the following variations of which their prices varies as well.

                Offering boran cattle in parcel of 6 young bulls from closed herd as follows; 3 x D.o.B 2015 -R3200-00 each Incl. VAT, 3 x D.o.B 2014 – R3800-00 each Incl. VAT. To sell as a parcel of 6. Farm view.after reservation and deposit

                • Border collie puppies - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                  Border Collie Puppies | Puppies for Adoption

                  Deltra Livestock’s Border Collie Puppies: One of our most popular farm dogs, border collies have a strong work ethic and are the ultimate herding dog.

                  Also, these very intelligent animals to thinks inde pen dently when tending livestock. In the field, their handlers might not be around, so they need to make deci sions on their own.

                  Hence, all of which well train border collies also want to please their owners and will do as they’re told,

                  Finally, their even if they are acres away, keen in telli gence requires dili gent training.

                  Breeding Border Collie Puppie?: Our spe cialty is breeding, White and Back and also brown and white registered Border Collies with the emphasis on working ability and instinct.

                  More so, All of our dogs work daily on the farm. Twice a year we have puppies for sale. We currently have puppies for sale

                  Need Pure bred border collie puppies for sale. Vaccinated, deworm and vet check, Perfect for outdoorsy families.

                  Also, one boy R1500 and one girl R2000 available at 8 weeks. These Border collie puppies for sale are also available sometimes at about 4 weeks and 5 days old.

                  Also, Pedigree 5 males and 4 females. Will be in inoculated at 6 weeks.

                  So, R1500 per puppy with a R500 deposit for bookings, puppies can go from 8 weeks.

                  Contact us anytime for inquiries on how to adopt or buy a puppy for your home or farm. Puppies come with papers, vaccinated, wormed & vet checked.

                  Healthy puppies available. Quality Puppies. Open Mon-Sat. Highlights: Delivering Quality Puppies, Offering Reasonable Household Rates.

                  Finally, we are determined to share our love for pets through a business. It is our goal to be of service to those individuals who have a passion for puppies,

                  Last but not the least just like we do, We decided to start our own groups because we believe we can do a better job than the average breeder and/or pet store.

                  Thus, We have a wide variety of puppies for sale . Please browse our full list on the left and right side of our site to find the perfect for your family.

                  Border collie puppies 300x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Lovely Puppies

                  Border collie puppies0 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Fast Border Puppies

                  Border collie puppies2 300x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Small Border Col Pupy

                  Border collie puppies3 300x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Young puppies needing good homes

                  Border collie puppies4 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Breeding beautiful Puppies

                  Border collie puppies5 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Group of Border Colie Pups

                  Border collie puppies6 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Baby Collies Pup

                  Border collie puppies7 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Family Puppies

                  Border collie puppies8 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Get Puppies At door step

                  Border collie puppies9 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Charming dogs

                  Border collie puppies12 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  how much brder collie?

                  Border collie puppies13 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Gauteng Border Collie Puppies

                  Border Collies 300x120 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Sell Border Collie purebred puppies

                  Border Collies1 300x199 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Livestock protector Retriever dog breeds

                  Border Collies2 300x199 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Retriever dog breeds

                  Border Collies3 300x199 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Buy  Collie Puppies

                  Border Collies4 300x199 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                  Adopt Border Collie Puppies

                  • yellow maize for sale - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                    Yellow Maize Corn

                    Yellow Maize Corn: Maize For Animal Feed:   

                    Buy wholesale yellow maize: is a variety of sweet corn. Its ears are wrapped in tightly bound lime hued husks with silks and a tassel that extend out from the tip.

                    Freshly harve sted yellow corn at its peak ripeness is sweet, offering flavors of almond and sugar, the kernels so succulent, the skin pops as you bite into it.

                    Hence, As the corn matures, the kernels lose their milky consi stency giving way to a starchy and doughy consistency. At this point, the corn considers a grain crop and is best suited for proce ssing or feed stock. Offering in both dry and fresh form

                    Maize For Animal Feed: SPECI FICA TIONS OF WHITE MAIZE:

                    1. Commodity: white maize
                    2. Moisture: 13% max
                    3. Protein: 9%
                    4. Purity: 98%
                    5. Broken: 2%
                    6. Aflatoxin: 10 ppb (human consump tion)

                    Quality Yellow maize details;

                    Packing: 50 kg pp bag
                    Place of Origin: South Africa
                    Packing – 25 kg or 50 kg pp bag
                    Printing Bag – As per the buyer needs
                    Loading Capacity of the container – 20ft container (26 mt)
                    Loading Port – Tuticorin / Chennai / Krishnapatnam Port/ Durban Sea Port

                    Delivery Time and other international details:

                    15 to 20 Days
                    Payment terms – 30% Advance and 70% Scan Copy against the docu ments.
                    Quanti ty – Min Qty 100 MT – Max quantity As per the buyer requirements
                    Destination Port – Any Port as per the buyer requirements for , Maize For Animal Feed, Corn For Sale

                    Firstly, we are ready, willing and able to sell, assign the described commo dity as per the specifications and in the quantity and for the price.

                    specified terms and conditions to Supply Yellow Maize Corn;

                    Herein after set forth and condi tions upon receiving the documents required for an immediate transaction, and signing a mutually agree able sales and purchase agree ment between the seller and buyer.

                    Thus, our Yellow maize is good for animal feed, chicken feed for sale, brahman calve feed & starch available for sale.
                    Origin – South Africa.
                    Commodity : Yellow Maize.
                    Moisture : 14 %- 15%Max
                    Admixture : 1% Max
                    Heat Damage : 0.5% Max
                    Broken kernels : 1.0% Max
                    Total Damage : 3.5% Max
                    Foreign matter : 2% Max

                    Like most grain producing grasses, corn is an annual crop that must be replanted each year. Corn is far more productive than the most cereal crops and able to sustain a higher population

                    Relatives like wheat or rice. As a commer cial crop, corn is everywhere. It is one of the inten sively gene ti cally modi fied crops. Corn is also one of the most grown crops globally.

                    So, with thousands of acres being dedicated around the world to the high intensity produc tion of corn crops

                    • Afrino sheep sale - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                      Afrino Sheep For Sale

                      Get Afrino sheep and feed for sale;

                      Here, Our Afrino Sheep, Ewe availability varies. See Sheep For Sale below. Every Afrino Sheep at our stud is vaccinated for four weeks of age and all have current 5 in 1 vaccination status.

                      Breeding Sheep;

                      Also, all our sheep Breeding has been care fully plan to avoid dele terious in breeding. The current breeding program for this breed

                      based on the principle that mating must not take place between animals with a common ancestor within the last 4 generations.

                      Hence, In order to adhere to the breeding program it has not been possible to retain the strains which originally existed and the mating is planned individually.

                      Sheep Research;

                      Also our Afrino Sheep Research into ancestry and the checking of relationships are now computerized. Search key words Afrino sheep, Weaned Afrino sheep, Afrino sheep, Weaned Afrino sheep.

                      In addition,  we focus on the sheep and goats that migrated down through Africa with their herders, eventually reaching Southern Africa including other markets.

                      Sheep farming:

                      First, We will also discuss the influence of other imported breeds we had on our indigenous livestock. This is based upon evidence found at an archaeological site.

                      So, Deltra Farms Co,Ltd situated on the West Coast about 120 kilometres north of Cape Town and 4 kilometres from the sea.

                      Thus, We can now turn our attention to the third wave of Afrino sheep into Southern Africa, productive and reproductive performance.

                      Farm location;

                      Hence, income gene rated by Afrino, Dorper and Merino sheep at two localities in the Nothern Cape, South Africa. our Afrino breed is originally from South Africa.

                      therefore, we develope these breed by crossing Ronderib Afrikaner sheep with Merino and South African Mutton Merino sheep, classified as a Merino breed.

                      Sheep sizes;

                      Conclusively, our farm provide different sizes of this sheep. All custo mers are advise to contact us in the course of placing orders so that proper nego tia tions regar ding the deli very date can be fix.

                      More so, World champion Afrino believes in strict selection, the best possible genetics, and top confor mation and type.

                      Follow us on facebook




                      • Dwarf goats sale - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                        Dwarf Pygmy Goats For Sale

                        Dwarf Pygmy Goats For sale

                        Our Dwarf Pygmy or Dwarf Pygmy Goats For Sale, weaned pygmy goats, , We have a number of really gorgeous pigmy goats weaned doelings.

                        Firstly, they all pure breed available Nigerian Dwarf pygmy goats, weaned pygmy goats, breeding bucklings. Reserving breeding stock from the 2019 Season. All of our goats are in excellent health.

                        Local and Import Certificates for Dwarf goats;

                        Get goats with us, Our entire herd is tested annually for CAE and every other year. Everyone is NEGATIVE for these diseases. We require a deposit of per head to hold the reservation.

                        Also, If you’d like to make a reservation through our website, please click here. If you are taking the goats out of state or importing, you may need a health certificate. offering special boran calves as our related product

                        Please give us at least 3-4 days notice if this the case. We have scrappie tags available as well.

                        Hence, Our prices for goats, weaned pygmy goats,do not include transportation costs, usually we arrange transportation as per customer’s requirement.

                        How are Dwarf Pygme goats are raised;

                        Here, We have been raising dairy goats since 2004. Our herd has been certified “Animal Welfare Approved” since 2010, the gold standard in pasture based livestock production certification programs.

                        So, Over the years, we have made significant improvements in the genetics of our herd, focusing on overall soundness and solid conformation

                        Lastly, ewes and rams grow along with high milk components (butterfat and protein) and longevity. Several of our sold Dwarf pygmy goats, weaned pygmy goats, have placed in the tops of their classes at county and state fairs throughout the years.

                        Our Pure breed Pygmy Goats;

                        Our breeding goals for the herd are to improve overall conformation and health, longevity, duration of lactation and milk components. check out feed

                        All of our does and bucks are registered through the American Dairy Goat Association or ADGA, and we will complete the paperwork for you so you can register their offspring, should you choose Livestock from our farm.

                        Again, all our pygmy goats, weaned pygmy goats, contact for more insight regarding the Dwarf pygmy goats, weaned pygmy goats, different sizes available livestock for sale,  these goats leave amongst turkey chicks we sell


                        Dwarf goats sale i 200x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                        Healthy Dwarf Pygmy goats for sale in South Africa

                        Dwarf goat sell 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                        pigmy doelings for saleQuality Dwarf Pygmy goats for sale kzn  

                        • nguni calves4 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                          Nguni Cattle, Weaned Nguni Calves

                          Nguni Cattle, Weaned Nguni Calves;

                          Nguni Cattle for sale  . VIEW FIRST OF OUR FEMALE PICTURES NOW.  We have posted pictures of  just more than half of our females that will be on auction on 26 September in Northern Cape at the farm. weaned nguni calves 
                          Also, We will complete the process within the next few days.  our final catalog will be posted as soon as we receive it. other cattle for sale

                          VIEW FIRST OF OUR BULL PICTURES NOW:

                          Here, we have posted our first bull pictures of bulls that will be offered for sale on our 26 September auction. Pictures of all animals, Bulls and females on sale will be posted by 15 August, including photos of sires … Nguni cattle Prices vary at our farms

                          Now on special dairy pure cattle wholesale;

                          More so, R 2500-00 for an A-Grade, R1950-00 for a B-Grade including free shipping. The Nguni Shop Is A Proudly South African Retailer And Wholesaler Of Nguni Hides. A Grade Hides, Brindle Nguni Hides, Tri-Color Hides, B Grade Hides other brahman calves for sale 

                          nguni calves5 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                          Nguni calves fir sale

                          nguni calves4 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                          Nguni calves fir sale

                          nguni calves3 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                          Nguni calves fir sale

                          nguni calves2 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                          Nguni calves fir sale

                          nguni calves1 300x186 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                          Nguni calves fir sale Nguni calves fir sale

                          nguni calves 300x169 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                          Calves for Nguni calves for sale   


                          • Doper Sheep1 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                            Doper Sheep For sale | Weaned Dorper Sheep

                            Pure breed Doper Sheep for sale;

                            Now offering different sizes of Doper sheep with different weight and in male and female with weaned, pregnant, farm and slaughter sheep. Order your doper sheep at very affordable rates. Now offering both Weaned and mature Doper Sheep for sale.

                            Now offering both Weaned and mature Doper Sheep for sale. Offering doper sheep for sale, prices at affordable rates with discount when ordering in bulk.

                            Dopers sheep for sale…

                            Ewes from R1200

                            Ram lambs @ R1750

                            Big Rams @ R1900

                            Our dorper sheep

                            well bred champions, free from parasite and other disease, current on vaccination and regularly vet checked by our qualify surgeon

                            Live Goats, Sheep and Lambs For Sale

                            Healthy Live Goats, Sheep and Lambs of all sizes from young to pregnant sizes for Slaughter for good and affor dable prices feel free to contact us for any request and get your livestock.

                            Top quality Live Sheep, Goats and Cattle ( Steer, Cows & Calf).
                            -All wights are available.
                            -We can supply any required quantity.
                            -Competitive prices.
                            -All relevant certificates available.

                            Live Lamb details:
                            Weight: Average Weight 45 – 55 Kg each
                            Age: 3 to 6 months old
                            Quantity: 30,000 Head
                            Details: Size :Normal and Fat

                            Other weaned goats;

                            get dorper sheep? Pure Bred Boer Goats/ White Saanen Goats
                            Age: 3 to 8 months old
                            Average Weight 45 – 55 Kg each
                            Milking Capacity : 30 and more litres per day
                            Certification: Pedigree, Veterinary Certificate
                            Regularly vaccinated, wormed and feet trimmed

                            Again, Our animals are wellbred champions, free from parasite and other disease, current on vaccination and regularly vet checked by our qualify surgeon.

                            We are a world wide distributor of live Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle, Sheep, Cattle, Lambs, pigs , piglet , goats of all kinds. shepherd mobsbuy dorper sheep available

                            Doper Sheep 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                            Doper Sheep for sale

                            • new Jersey cattle - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                              Pure breed Dairy Cattle !! Holsteins Friesian and Jersey calves

                              Pure breed Dairy CattleDairy, Dairy cattles!! Holsteins Friesian and Jersey calves for sale.

                              Pure breed Dairy Cattle; We are able to supply best quality calves, pregnant heifers aged 24 to 30 months in Holsteins and Jerseys breeds with high milking output.

                              Also, Beautiful cattles sure to make anyone happy! Good legs and udders . Open heifers, milk bottle fed calves, males and females ages

                              Hence, from 2 weeks to 15 months in Holsteins and Jersey breeds as well as other breeds. All our animals are vet checked, certified and all 100% healthy Holsteins Friesian and Jersey Calves for sale

                              Weaned Dairy Cattle:

                              Our modern Jersey breed is unexcelled in dairy type. Breeders in the United States commonly referred to two distinct types of Jerseys in the past

                              Aberdeen Angus Dairy Livestock Cattle

                              We are able to offer you the best quality of our Aberdeen Angus at a very competitive price.

                              Breed: Aberdeen Angus
                              Origin: Home grown
                              Age: 15 months old as of mid October
                              Est. Weight: Average 1,200 lbs.
                              Birth-Weight:72 lbs.
                              Frame: Medium
                              Condition: Moderate Flesh
                              Vaccinations: Ivomec, MultiMin, & 8-Way
                              Fertility: Will Guarantee Fertile
                              Pasture/Feed: Beef Builder, hay, & pasture

                              R4000 minimum

                              We, In recent years there has been less concern about these type variations; no doubt the program of type classification has tended to reduce the extremes. Additional emphasis on milk production and less stress on butterfat production had, no doubt, resulted in general acceptance of Jersey cows with more size and scale


                              • Merino sheep for sale - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                Merino Sheep for sale, Pure Breed, Merino Sheep

                                Pure Breed Merino Sheep for sale;

                                Firstly, Grazing quality is our main target because grazing is central to Merino sheep core business of farming Merino sheep for slaughter lambs

                                Secondly, wool production is observe veld pastures closely, moni toring the quality of the grazing while als preventing overgrazing.

                                Pure Breeding at Deltra Livestock Co,Ltd;

                                Also is passionate about the pastures on the farm and believes there is a direct correlation between the health. of the soil and plants, and the health and quality of the sheep.

                                Our farm administrators report;

                                says this when we first started farming on irrigated pasture, we began to appreciate the importance of looking after soil biology.

                                Merino sheep with regards to production focuses primarily on livestock production, including the accelerated lambing system.

                                Two separate breeding systems are used. In the first, which is used for the majority of ewes in both the commercial and stud flocks, ewes are mated on a 12-month cycle with each ewe lambs once a year.

                                How Breed Merino sheep for sale;

                                More so, About two-thirds of ewes are mated in April/May and lamb in spring August to September, and one-third is mated in October to November to lamb.

                                Thus, the second system is the accelerated lambing system in which ewes are mated every eight months, or three times in two years.

                                Details for livestock available below;

                                Top quality Live Sheep, Goats and Cattle like Steer, Cows as well as Calf.
                                All wights are available.
                                We can supply any required quantity.
                                Competitive prices.
                                All relevant certificates available.
                                Shipping threw Land Sea & Air is available in very good prices.
                                Goats and Cattle ( Steer, Cows & Calf).
                                Gauteng, All wights are available.
                                Pretoria deltra Farms; We can supply any required quantity.
                                Best Competitive prices.
                                Original relevant certificates available.
                                local and international Shipping threw Land Sea & Air is available in very good sheep prices.

                                We have 100% Full Blood.


                                • Feed Barley sales - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                  Feed Barley / Feed Barley For Animal Feed & Human

                                  Feed barley: Feed Barley For Animal Feed and Human

                                  Feed Barley: Quick Details
                                  Use: Cattle, Chicken, Pig, goat
                                  Grade: A
                                  Place of Origin: South Africa
                                  Supply Ability
                                  Feed Barley:
                                  Supply Ability:
                                  50 Ton/Tons per Month
                                  Packaging Details: As customer will please. Please contact

                                  Our product quality, packing and our production environment meet ISO specifications and standards.

                                  Feed Barley: Malting Barley Class A

                                  Moisture: 13% Max
                                  Protein: 10% Min 11.5% Max
                                  Germination Energy: 95% after 5 days
                                  Full Barley: 90%
                                  Below: 2.2 mm Max 3%
                                  Purity of Variety: 95% Min
                                  Foreign Variety: 1% Max
                                  1000 Kernel Weight: 40 gr
                                  HI Weight: Min 67 kg/h

                                  Feed Barley Grade 2

                                  Moisture: 13% Max
                                  Crude Protein: 10% Min
                                  Crude Fiber: 8% Max
                                  Damaged Grains: 2% Max
                                  Grain Impurities: 3% Including Damaged Grains
                                  Foreign Material: 1% Max

                                  Feed Barley: Feed Barley Grade 3

                                  Moisture: 13%
                                  Crude Protein: 10% Min
                                  Crude Fiber: 8% Max
                                  Damaged Grains: 2% Max
                                  Grain Impurities: 3% Including Damaged Grains
                                  Foreign Material: 3% Max

                                  Feed Barley; is an ancient crop dating back to 7000 B.C. and is considered one of the most widely adapted grain crops in the world. Barley is the fourth most important cereal grain in the world, with uses by humans and animals for food, feed and beverages. Grown in temperate regions of the world, barley is more tolerant to drought and saline soils than other cereal grains.

                                  This publication provides information on the nutritional value of barley as feed for livestock when harvested as grain or forage. Guidelines on feeding and processing methods, as well as comparative research data on animal performance, are included.

                                  Energy and Protein Content of Feed Barley Animal Feed For Sale:

                                  Barley grain is used primarily as an energy and protein source in beef cattle diets. The nutrient content of barley (Table 1) compares favorably with that of corn, oats, wheat, sorghum and field peas.

                                  The energy content of barley is slightly lower than the energy value of corn, wheat and sorghum, partially due to its higher fiber content (neutral detergent fiber, or NDF, and acid detergent fiber, or ADF).

                                  Hence, The crude protein content of barley is higher than in corn and similar to wheat and oats, but lower than in field peas.Mineral Content of Feed Barley Animal Feed For Sale

                                  All cereal grains are low in calcium and relatively high in phosphorus necessitating the use of supplemental calcium in high-grain diets for beef cattle. The phosphorus content of barley is similar to that of other cereal grains. Barley is higher in potassium than corn, wheat or sorghum.

                                  Feed Barley for sale 300x200 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                  Feed Barley for sale  for

                                  • fresh table eggs for retail - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                    Fresh Table Eggs For Sale

                                    Fresh Table Eggs:

                                    White Brown Eggs For Sale 

                                    Fresh Table Eggs For Sale; Best Qua lity
                                    Affor dable Price
                                    Deli ver on time
                                    Healthy Hygie nic eggs

                                    Get Fresh Table Eggs For Sale;

                                    Our farm fresh eggs cu stomer service have won us the patro nage of custo mers from

                                    as far as the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

                                    more, eggs are preserves in cleanest of envi ron ments is

                                    hence, pack in safe mate rials with inter natio nal standards.

                                    Wholesale Fresh White brown eggs
                                    Color  :  White Brown
                                    Size   :  Small, Medium, Large and Extra large
                                    Weight:  Ranging from 45gms to 63gms.
                                    Avai lable Grade: A
                                    Egg Size requires 80 % Large 60 to 64 gms, 20 % Medium 55 to 59 gms,

                                    80% White shell eggs, 20% Brown Shell Eggs

                                    Fresh Table Eggs:

                                    Shipment Details.

                                    Eggs per Tray; 30

                                    Trays in Carton; 12

                                    Eggs in Carton Box; 360

                                    Carton Box in 40 Feet Con tainer; 1312 cartons

                                    Shipping Mode; By Refer Contai ner

                                    Total Number of Eggs per 40 feet contai ner = 472360

                                    first of all is base on the specific require ments of the impor ting country, eggs can print

                                    hence, with produc tion Date, Expire date

                                    Also country of origin.
                                    get Food Grade eggs approve by FDA is used for printing on Eggs

                                    Shipment : 20ft and 40 ft High Cube Reefer Contai ners
                                    Tempe ra ture Maintains at +2 to +5 deg Centi grade


                                    Grading Process for Fresh Table Eggs For Sale:

                                    First, Once grading and cleaning is complete; the eggs loads on to pulp che mical trays.

                                    so, our trays are water proof

                                    Also, we have a holding capa city of 30 eggs per tray.

                                    More so,  trays are then put  egg coding machines, to print the pro duction, expiry date on the each egg.

                                    Hence, Food grade comes in di fferent colours use to print these dates,

                                    as per the health depart ment rules of  impor ting countries.


                                    More so, Fresh Table Eggs Weights:

                                    here, All large eggs have to weigh between 50-55 gms.

                                    here, Any egg weighing below or above the spe cified weight rejects.

                                    Also Hair Cracks: our eggs that have a thin shell which show thin hair cracks rejects.

                                    Hence, we reject these as they can get damages easily during transport,

                                    also causing the egg to spill over, spoil other eggs as well.


                                    First point is Dirty Fresh Table Eggs:

                                    All eggs that remain dirty even after cleaning is reject.

                                    hence, grading is an going process of cleaning which also takes place,

                                    Hence, helps remove further rejects eggs. Eggs are cleaned to remove any dirt, bacteria, visible on the egg.

                                    lastly, cleaning is done with hydrogen per oxide,

                                    here, our eggs are approved by the Depart ment of Agri cul ture, South Africa.

                                    so, If these eggs are still dirty after cleaning them they are immediately its rejects egg.

                                    firstly, Ones grading, cleaning completes; fresh eggs for sale loads on to pulp chem ical trays.

                                    Secondly trays are water proof and have a holding capacity of 30 eggs per tray.

                                    Also, trays are then put on to egg coding machines, to print the pro duction and expiry date o each egg.

                                    thirdly, Food grade eggs for sale in di fferent colors is used to print these dates,

                                    as per the health de part ment rules of the impor ting countries.

                                    Stuffing fresh eggs:

                                    Also, Empty, pre cooled 40 ft freezer con tainers are loaded with each having a holding capa city of 1312 cartons.

                                    hence, Each empty con tainer is pre cooled to tem pera tures between 2 degrees Celsius to 5 degree Celsius.

                                    now cooling once starts is not stopped until the contai ner reaches its final desti nation.



                                    Each egg from us is strictly poultry eggs  tests for bird flu, sal mo nella infec tion

                                    Also, other conta mi nation.

                                    hence certi fies fit for human con sump tion as our fresh eggs

                                    lastly all eggs must pass bac terio logi cal tests soon whether they are free

                                    finally, from sal mo nella infec tion for Fresh Table Eggs For Sale.

                                    CONTACT US!!

                                    • Sheep skin for sale - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                      100% Natural Fur Sheepskin Salted Raw Sheep Skins For Sale

                                      Sheep Skins For Sale:

                                      Wool Length
                                      8~15mm, sheared as your requirements
                                      Hide Thickness
                                      About 6~9 Square Feet per Piece
                                      Warm, soft and comfortable
                                      With natural whorls design
                                      Can be customized
                                      Samples are available
                                      Samples: 7 days
                                      Formal Order: 25 days after confirmation
                                      Our Supply Ability:
                                      5000 Piece/Pieces per Month in stock now
                                      Packaging & Delivery
                                      Packaging;  Standard export packing or according to customers’ requirement
                                      Our Port:  Durban Sea Port
                                      Lead Time : Shipped within 20 days after payment received

                                      Sheep Skins;

                                      Sheep skin for sale 300x127 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                      Sheep skin for sale

                                      Sheep skin for sale shipping 300x129 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                      Sheep skin for sale shipping

                                      • Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                        High Grade Alfafa Hay animal feed , Alfafa pellets

                                        Alfafa Hay: Alfafa Hay, Alfafa pellets, High Grade Alfafa Hay animal feed

                                        High Grade Alfafa Hay animal feed; When managed correctly, alfalfa is very palatable forage for dairy cattle and a good source of protein, vitamins, calcium and potassium. buy alfalfa hay feed

                                        Also, It also tends to be higher in energy than many other forages.

                                        Hence, Alfafa Hay: Sun cured alfalfa pellets are produced from alfalfa hay, which has been ground and pelleted. The meal is produced by regrinding the pellets.

                                        Sun cured chopped alfalfa:

                                        More so, If the hay is chopped instead of ground, the product is called sun cured chopped alfalfa or chopped alfalfa hay.

                                        In addition to the 13 percent crude protein product, a 15 percent crude protein product also is commonly available on the market.

                                        Fermentation patterns with alfafa pellets :

                                        Here, Alfafa Hay: Sun cured alfalfa is used as a forage source in dairy rations. Because its small particle size tends to alter rumen fermentation patterns

                                        hence, possibly depress fat test, sun cured alfalfa (pellets, meal, or chopped) should not make up more than 50 percent of the ration’s forage dry matter in High Grade Alfafa Hay animal feed

                                        Alfafa Hay: Typical Analysis of

                                        High Grade Alfafa Hay pellet and hay

                                        Dry matter 92 %
                                        Crude Protein 13.0 %
                                        Fat 01.8 %
                                        Crude fiber 30.0 %
                                        Neutral Detergent Fiber 48.7 %
                                        Acid Detergent Fiber 35.9 %
                                        Calcium 01.2 %
                                        Phosphorus 00.2 %
                                        Total Digestible Nutrients 47.8 %
                                        Net energy: Lactation 48.0 Mcal/100 lbs
                                        Caution: Any recommendations given here should be considered as general only and may not apply in your specific situation. All final recommendations should be made by a qualified person familiar with your particular circumstances.

                                        Alfafa Hay: Buy alfalfa hay feed With Quick Details
                                        Variety: Alfalfa Hay
                                        Use: Cattle, Dog, Horse, Pig

                                        Alfafa Hay: Other details
                                        Admixture (%):
                                        1 % Max
                                        Moisture (%):
                                        10 % Max

                                        Grade: top shelf
                                        Place of Origin: South Africa
                                        Brand Name: Alfafa Hay
                                        Model Number: Alfafa Hay
                                        Name: Afalfa Hay

                                        High Grade Alfafa Hay pellet animal feed: Supply Ability

                                        100000 Ton/Tons per Month
                                        Packaging with Delivery
                                        Packaging Details; As per client request
                                        Alfafa Hay; Supply Port: Durban sea port.


                                        Alfafa Hay Uses: Cattle, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Horse, Pig

                                        Admixture (%): 1%max

                                        Moisture (%): 10% Max

                                        Grade: Top

                                        Brand Name: OEM

                                        Model Number: Feed Grade


                                        FAIR GRADE

                                        CRUDE PROTEIN (ODM) 19-21 %

                                        ADF Acid Detergent FIbre 32-35 % (plus/minus 10 percent)

                                        NDF Neutral Detergent Fiber 40-44 % (plus/minus 10 percent)


                                        MOISTURE : 12 % MAX

                                        AFLATOXIN : 20 ppb MAX

                                        PURITY : 90%

                                        CHOP SIZE: 10 cm

                                        GMO : Free

                                        RADIATION : Free

                                        DRIED : Sun cured

                                        Late Maturity

                                        Find more pictures below;

                                        Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale 300x269 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                        Wholesale Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale

                                        Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale kzn 300x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                        Sell Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale

                                        Alfafa Hay Bales high grade south africa 300x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                        Best grade Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale

                                        Alfafa Hay Bales high grade sell 300x292 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                        Where to buy Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale

                                        Alfafa Hay Bales high grade sales 300x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                        quality Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale near me

                                        Alfafa Hay Bales high grade resell 300x245 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                        suppliers of High Grade Alfafa Hay animal feed

                                        Alfafa Hay Bales high grade a 300x275 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                        Good Alfafa Hay Bales

                                        Alfafa Hay 300x259 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                        Premium grade Alfafa Hay Bales high grade wholesale


                                        • sheep feedlot feed - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                          Sheep Feedlot Feed | Grade A Feedlot for sale

                                          Sheep feedlot feed at Deltra Livestock:

                                          Sheep feedlot; Due of the fact that farmers experience variations in rainfall,  grain prices, there is a constant need for farmers to expand their business verti cally.

                                          Hence, on extensive sheep farms, the use of feedlots is a great way to expand your farming business vertically.

                                          So, the greatest challenge to farmers running a feedlot is to determine the pro fita bilit y thereof.

                                          Sheep feedlot feed:

                                          Firstly, What factors influence the profitability in feedlots?
                                          first factor will always be the price at which the lambs are bought. If you feed your own lambs, it will be the store lamb price vs the slaughter price.

                                          Feed conversion ratio (FCR): the amount of feed intake (kg) to gain 1 kg of body weight

                                          Sheep feedlot feed for sale Dressing percentageAverage daily gain (ADG)

                                          Secondly, the impact of each factor on the profitability will also vary from year to year and is influenced by the ratio between the prices of meat, grain and feed.

                                          Higher sheep feed prices

                                          Also there are in relation to the meat price, the more important the FCR becomes. If the meat price is higher and cost of feed lower,

                                          Hence the dressing percentage has a bigger impact on the feasibility of a feedlot. It is therefore important to know and apply these factors in the decision-making process.

                                          Feedlot profits:

                                          Secondly, for maxi mum profit in the feedlot, it is impor tant to ensure a perfect start. Three impor tant factors to con sider for an optimal start:
                                          Sheep feedlot feed; Good quality lamb:
                                          Healthy lambs between 27 and 30kg
                                          Age between 2 and 4 months (maximum)
                                          Lambs that were fed creep feed

                                          Respiratory animal feed diseases:

                                          Lastly respi rato ry disease are the most common disease in feedlots and lambs should be vacci nated in advance. Success in the feedlot always starts.

                                          More so, with a good quality lamb feed. A healthy, young lamb has good growth poten tial and will have a much better FCR compare to an older lamb with a simi lar weight. Sick lambs should also not be fed in a feedlot see more.



                                          • boer goats - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                            Boer Goats

                                            Our buy Boer goats, Boer goats for sale. Weaned goats, 1year old males and females goats for sale from 1500 each or all to be negotiated, 100 female and 80 males always in the farms. Quiet, friendly, placid, goats. A perfect addition to your herd. will come when called or come to food. Wormed, feet trimmed, healthy goat. Our stock are 14 months old very quiet buy Boer Goats for sale
                                            Prices range from R1000, weaned goats. R1500 for mature goats from 15 months old goat calves,

                                            1 Boer Goats4 300x199 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd 1 Boer Goats5 300x246 - Deltra Livestock Co,.LtdGet Boer Goats for sale 52432275 2304617952921859 1098409899945099264 n 1 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.LtdSell Boer goats south Africa boer goats 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.LtdBoer goats for sale kzn

                                            • brahman calves3 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                              Brahman Calves For Sale

                                              Brahman Calves For Sale:

                                              Weaned Brahman calves for sale at very affordable prices.  These bulls are 6 months to 8 months of age, super gentle, and very affordable.

                                              These Brahman calves for sale are registered Grey Brahmans, White brahman, brown brahman calves,

                                              All Brahman Calves For Sale, Brahman Calves For Sale, Brahman calves for sale, cattle for sale, cattle for sale south africa, brahman cattle, pregnant brahman calves, pure breed brahman,

                                              Weaned commercial Brahman heifers;

                                              and Bulls. They are on feed and ready to go . They are the cheapest you will find on the internet. For any other information please Contact

                                              2yrs-10 months old Brahman Heifers

                                              3yrs 4 months Brahman bull

                                              2yrs 6 months old Brahman Heifers for sale

                                              1yr-5 months old Brahman

                                              33 months Brahman calves

                                              18 months Brahman calves

                                              Brahman Calves Price list
                                              1rs-10months old Brahman =R5800
                                              1s 4months Brahman bull R5000
                                              1rs 6months old Bonsmara R4000
                                              9 months Brahman calves R2500
                                              8 months Bonsmara calves R2800
                                              2rs Bonsmara bull R7000
                                              2rs Bonsmara bull R6500
                                              2yrs Bonsmara bull R6000
                                              4yrs Brahman bull R8500
                                              3yrs Brahman bull R8000

                                              Quality in all fields
                                              The winner of a number of awards for its top quality products, especially yoghurts and soft cheeses, Deltra livestock a growing landmark alongside the N3 highway at Howick – continues to supply Woolworths, Pick n Pay and Spar with products manufactured to the strictest hygiene and ethical standards.

                                              We developed this herd to cater for Woolworth’s requirements and uses top genetics in both Ayrshire and Holstein herds to improve production.

                                              Our breeds show type animals. Showing cows is a hobby that I enjoy in addition to farming. A valuable spin-off to this is that my studs are advertised to potential clients at the shows

                                              Deltra Livestcok dairy studs, Grace Valley and Grace Valley Holsteins, sell a number of stud bulls every year. Stud females generally go for premium prices.

                                              After achieving his breeding goals for the Ayrshire herd, we began to bring brahman and  Holstein herd up to the same standard.

                                              Our farm is happy with the progress the farm manager, Johan Westford, and assistant dairy manager, Marcus Ndabeni, have made towards the Brahman and  Holstein herd’s improvement.

                                              Brahman1 300x187 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd

                                              • pony horse for sale14 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd
                                                Pony Horse For Sale

                                                Pony Horse For Sale:

                                                pony is a small horse (Equus ferus caballus).

                                                Pony Horse For Sale: pony may be a horse that is under an approximate or exact height at the withers or a small horse with a specific conformation and temperament.

                                                Hence, Lovely comfortable ride, can jump on his back without a bridle or saddle. Goes very easily, happy to be in the front or back.

                                                firstly, our horses swims in the damn, loves to wash, cuddles and given carrots and treats which can live in or out. Has done beach rides, trail rides and western riding.

                                                also been ridden by a young girl and by a very nervous rider who has never ridden before.
                                                12 years old.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW

                                                secondly ponies Boxes like a dream, willing to do any thing for his owner . Will suit a nervous rider or a child rider ready to give him lots of love and atten tion.

                                                Rides out with comfort and happy on his own or in groups.

                                                Pony Horse For Sale and Stallion For Sale ; 6 year old , palomino Miniature Horse Stallion.  Ready to be trained.
                                                R10 000.

                                                Con clu sive ly; below are available  with other types at Deltra Livestock

                                                More so, Basic schooling and is a wonderful ride. She is also very good with beginners and children.

                                                Hence, Has a very soft personality and always tries her best. Ex cellent bloodline and shows alot of poten tial.

                                                Lastly, these Pony Horse For Sale include Hackney Horse, Orlov Trotter Horse, Marwa ri Horse, Gypsy horse, ,

                                                pony horse for sale 1 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 2 225x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 3 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 4 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 7 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 8 205x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 9 249x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 11 300x277 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 12 300x227 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale gauteng 300x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale online 168x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale south africa 168x300 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale 300x225 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale13 300x258 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd pony horse for sale14 300x252 - Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd


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