Cattle for sale

Livestock For Sale

Welcome to Deltra Livestock Co,.Ltd. Offering large selection of male and female cattle of different breeds, lambs, goats, animal feeds in different kinds for sale with their mothers which are registered and non registered different breeds and in different sizes and weight.! We currently have regular stock of weaned and mature livestock ranging from cattle such as Brahman, nguni, bonsmara, akrikarner, and other breeds as well as boer goats, Kalahari goats, Angora goats and sheep.

All livestock are up to date with worming and vaccinations and are on the Hep vac P plus. Sheep are well handled and bucket trained. Good homes are essential. Please message us for prices and any further info. These sheep are easy to handle and very docile, they make fantastic pets and are great with children.

We are in the fortunate position where we can have bigger framed cattle such as the Limousin on our farm. We have winter rain and in summer we can irrigate. We apply the high density grazing methodology, most eloquently espoused by Joel Salatin and most famously espoused by Allan Savory with all our livestock. The cattle, our laying hens and our pigs are rotated daily to fresh pasture and regrazing only takes place 6 weeks later. The best breed for your farm is that which will adapt to your unique conditions.

Is there a future in the beef industry

We’ve all been told at one point or another, that it’s hard to make a living in agriculture, especially ranching.  There seems like there are always old timers sitting at the local café or sell barn talking about the good old days, and they don’t know how they are going to keep on raising cattle.  For years, many farm families have encouraged their children to pursue college degrees outside of agriculture, to find a better way of life than the high capital costs, low profit margins, and long hours of a life in the beef industry.  But for those of us that are just as stubborn as the old timers in those cafés, we’ve made up our minds that we would rather do what we love and go after a life within agriculture.